What governmental obstacles will I face and how do I
overcome them?
Miles Yanick & Company
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Whether your anticipated project is a carport or a multi-story commercial building, every
development and building project this day and age will be challenged with a plethora of
governmental agency obstacles, rules, regulations, codes, ordinances, policies and
programs that can help or hinder any development.  These can be site specific City, County
or Federal regulations or any combination of these.

Miles Yanick & Company has had many years of very successful experience with many
governmental agencies and can help get you safely through this potentially hazardous phase
of your project.

In addition to these hurdles that every project must negotiate, there is the issue for
governmental fees.  There are potential governmental agency fees for: building permits,
geo-technical reviews, health department permits, utility connections, road or driveway
approach, clearing and grading, tree removal, drainage reviews, etc. in addition to the
various impact fees for parks and schools.

We can assist in timely identification of permit types, filing requirements and related fees
early in the project scoping process so there are no "surprises" later in the process.