How do we develop our Professional Fees?
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Each project is unique.  There is no cut-and-dried fee structure that fits all projects.  We match our
fee structure to the uniqueness of each individual project.
Hourly Consultation Fee method might include projects like the following:
  • Site consultation to assess the potential for your site
  • Review of an existing building potential for an addition or remodel
  • Review existing home or building plans for cost reduction potential
  • Limited sketches for unique solutions to a site or building problem
  • Building and zoning code consultation and reports

Partial Architectural Services Fee method for projects like these:
  • Preparation of merchant built "stock plans" for multiple re-use
  • Preparation of minimum drawings and documents needed for building permit submittal based
    on a "Magazine Plan," non-copyrighted "Stock Plan" or sketch from the Owner
  • Minor remodel Architectural Design Services
This work is done either on an Hourly Basis with an upset Maximum Fee or with an estimated "Flat

Comprehensive Architectural Services:  This level of service can include Comparative Analysis of
site selection recommendation, Site and Building Feasibility Studies, Schematic, Preliminary and
Detailed Construction Plans and Specifications suitable for competitive bidding or negotiation and
Construction Contract Administration.  We also provide Interior Design and Landscape Design

Professional Fees for this level of service can be negotiated on an Hourly Basis with an upset
Maximum Fee or a Flat Fee.   We never use the old "percentage of construction cost" method for
determining our Professional Fees.

Site Planning Services:  Professional Fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on size
and complexity of the site and potentials for governmental agency interaction and approvals.